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Marblebog was founded in 1998 as a black metal solo project by Hungarian musician Gábor Varga aka Vorgrov. From time to time, session musicians also performed in Marblebog, mostly in the drummer position.
The first demo, recorded in 2001, and the subsequent 2002 promo cassette contained raw black metal, but later more and more atmospheric elements gradually appeared in the music. The first two albums already included ambient songs, and the third album was made entirely with a synthesizer. Marblebog also produced a lot of split releases with other black metal bands in its early days, and in 2009, in response to an American festival invitation, it made its first and final live performance at a concert that resulted in the “Live in Chicago” EP. In 2010, Marblebog completely withdrew from all activities until 2018, but even during this period, previously recorded materials and reissues were released.
In 2018, Marblebog began work on a new album, which was published in 2019 with the title “Kietlen” continuing the atmosphere of its early black metal albums. In 2020, the fifth and last album to date, “Aeon” was released, once again featuring instrumental ambient music without the use of guitars. A new EP, “Tova” was released in 2022, this time returning to piercing black metal.