Do not buy “Ermitus” CD from A Pile of Graves!

7 months ago I was contacted by an Italian label called A Pile of Graves, with an offer for releasing “Ermitus” on a jewel case CD in 133 copies. Release date was set for November 2020. Then in late November he changed the release date to December 30th because of Covid-19. Ok, understandable. Then nothing happened, so I asked in January what was going on, he replied that he was going to send the CDs only after January 20th. That did not happen, but he told me to trust him and that “everything is great”. Then he did not even reply for days, but after I sent him a harsh email, the parcel was shipped right away.
So, after two weeks, this abomination was delivered to me.

– Trim marks are printed on the cover. These trim marks do not even resemble the trim marks submitted with the original layout files, the label must have reworked the design with another template when he put on the label details on the cover. I also had to send the files multiple times as he could not find them.
– MarbleBLOG is pressed on the CD matrix. If the label put “MARBLEBLOG” on the order form, it’s just an amateurish f-up. If the manufacturer made a mistake, they should have repressed the discs.
– On top of all that, the CDs were sent to me without jewel cases while I specifically asked to include the cases.

The label states it is not his fault and blames it all on the manufacturer. If these were factory errors, he should have rejected the CDs as waste products and ask for a reprint, that obviously did not happen. So now we are stuck with a pile of shit. I asked the label to stop selling these CDs.

This release in this subpar form is not authorized by Marblebog.
If you buy this, you are ripped off!