“Abyss Calls…” digital version out now (LP is still delayed)

Marblebog’s side from the split album with Evilfeast, originally recorded in 2006-2007.

All music and lyrics written by G. Varga.
Recorded in 2006-2007. Drums performed by Khrul.

Due to the 5-month delay and drama around the vinyl version, and a lack of proper communication from the manufacturer, we decided to put out the digital version instead of waiting for the 12″. Vinyl version will still be released eventually.

“Csendhajnal” 12″LP out now!

Recorded in 2003, the debut album of Marblebog is available for the first time on vinyl!

12″LP on black vinyl limited to 350 copies.
Released by Arges Records.

If you are in the Americas, we recommend to buy this from a US distributor. Please contact the label for more info: arges333@seznam.cz

Update on “Abyss Calls…” 12″EP and Pillars of Eternity Prod.

Just received some very disturbing news recently. Without going into details, this is a heads-up to everyone that Pillars of Eternity Productions and the person behind it are a fraud, a con artist, and you should avoid them for your own good – they disappeared into thin air anyway…

Even though the PoE logo will show on the vinyl sleeve, let it be known that this 12″EP will be in fact released by our old friends Turanian Honour Productions, and we are also thankful that Metal Ör Die Records helped us out with taking care of the print work.

Covers and inserts are already done, we should get the vinyls from the factory soon. Stay tuned!